network share bluray drive spin down

  1. I have a pc with a bluray drive.
  2. I have an htpc without a bluray drive.
  3. Both are on Gb ethernet.
  4. Both are on Windows 10.
  5. I want to stream bluray from the pc to the htpc.

I'm having stuttering playback issues. The pc bluray drive is spinning down, and not spinning back up again to a fast enough speed.

I have shared my pc bluray drive over my network to allow playback on my htpc. When I start playback on my htpc the video stutters once the mpc-hc buffer is empty. I can duplicate the behaviour by skipping forward to another part of the video as the read buffer is zero at that point too.

The pc bluray drive isn't spinning up to full speed to replenish the read buffer in mpc-hc on the htpc.

  1. Bluray playback on the pc works. The bluray drive speed varies according to the read buffer status. The drive speeds up when I skip forward to a point where there is no read buffer. When the read buffer is full the drive spins down. It correctly speeds up and down as required when I playback on the pc.
  2. Bluray playback on the htpc works until the read buffer empties. The bluray drive spins up when the video is first accessed. Once the read buffer is full in mpc-hc then the drive spins down. When the mpc-hc read buffer empties, the bluray drive does not spin up again, though it sounds as though it is spinning at low speed. The result is stuttering playback on the htpc.
  3. The pc and htpc are connected via Gb ethernet. I have tested the speeds using file transfer. The network speed is not a bottleneck.
  4. The pc and htpc are not cpu constrained.

How can I resolve the stuttering playback issue on the htpc?


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