New Webmin Release Worth a Look

For those familiar with Webmin – they understands it administrative value on Unix workstations and servers (including Mac OS X). Especially if you need to administer multiple systems.

For the unitiated – I wrote on Webmin a while back and explored its capabilities as a powerful root-enabled sys admin tool.

The new updates hit on all cylinders for me as I deal with several servers at once in my own webmin usage – including with LDAP.

Highlights of updates include:

  • Improved Postfix mail queue management
  • Ability to edit and/or drop multiple tables (and databases) at once in MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • Clustering tools including deploying printers to multiple servers at once (good for servers that produce print reports along with electronic distributions – important in some regulatory environments)
  • Handy LDAP enhancements such as multiple user and group deletions and multiple user and group unlocks
  • Read-only access option for allowing in users who may need to review webmin configurations but do not need editing rights
  • Sped up the performance of searching and reviewing system logs – nice when dealing with very busy servers.

If you have intensive sys admin needs or want to explore more powerful options than the traditional Unix control panel solutions – Webmin is worth a test run. Best yet – as open source – it is sans licensing fees.

As always – consider ways you can help the project if you benefit – whether that be through code, documentation, testing, promotions or good old fashioned cash donations.


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