\newcommand and \renewcommand difficulty in class file

I am making an "Assignment" class file. One element of my class is not working correctly. I want to be able to input the assignment # in the latex file, using \assigntitle{4} and have a centered Assignment #4 printed at the top of the page. I use a \newcommand and \renewcommand to implement this in the class file. Alas this portion is not working. I only get the predefined output from the \newcommand definition and not my value input from the latex file. I think it is because of a scoping issue, but I can't figure out how to get around it. I tried to use \global\def\ but this didn't work. I think \renewcommand can't use this type of \def. If I am wrong, please inform me.

I have removed extraneous code (and yes I have tried it with only this code) from the full file, of which I show below.

\ProvidesClass{Assignment} \NeedsTeXFormat{LaTeX2e}  \DeclareOption*{\PassOptionsToClass{\CurrentOption}{article}} \ProcessOptions  \LoadClass[11pt,letterpaper]{article}  \newcommand{\@assignment}{Assignment \#} \newcommand{\assigntitle}[1]{\renewcommand{\@assignment}{Assignment \#{#1}}}   \AtBeginDocument{%     \centering \huge \upshape \@assignment \\     \normalsize \normalfont \@date     \bigskip }  \endinput 


\documentclass[english]{Assignment}  \begin{document}  \assigntitle{4}  \end{document} 


For this implementation I'd suggest using \assigntitle not just to update some internal macro, but also to set the actual title:

    \huge \upshape Assignment \# #1 \\
    \normalsize \normalfont \@date

If you want to set a date other than \today, the you'd use

\date{January 1, 2001}

The basic problem is that \@assignment is used right at the start of the document body within \AtBeginDocument, so using \assigntitle{4} etc. after \begin{document} is ineffective, since the redefined \@assignment is never used then.

\centering should not occur outside of a group, so use \begingroup...\endgroup.

I suggest to use a pagestyle header (e.g. fancyhdr) rather which is updated, also using counters.





\newcommand{\@assignment}{Assignment \#}
\newcommand{\assigntitle}[1]{\edef\@assignment{Assignment \#{#1}}}

  \huge \upshape \@assignment

  \normalsize \normalfont \@date








It's a “chicken and egg” problem: with this code you must state \assigntitle{4} before \begin{document}.

An alternative and perhaps better strategy is to it with \maketitle:




\newcommand{\@assignment}{Assignment \#}
\newcommand{\assigntitle}[1]{\renewcommand{\@assignment}{Assignment \#{#1}}}

    \begingroup % <----- don't forget this one
    \centering \huge \upshape \@assignment \\
    \normalsize \normalfont \@date
    \endgroup % <----- matching \begingroup


Now your sample document can be in any of the two forms below












You can add \date{July 28, 2016} anywhere before \maketitle.

The \begingroup and \endgroup tokens I added are necessary if you don't want \centering going on for the whole document.

If you still need \maketitle, use a different name for the command producing the header.

Note that typesetting material using \AtBeginDocument is not recommended, because several packages that a user might add after declaring the class do their business using that hook and so they would act after the header has been typeset.

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