News Wire: "Flash Killer" WPF/E Preview

  • Anatomy of a Drag and Drop

    An enlightening breakdown of just what makes a JavaScript-powered drag-and-drop effect work, and how the implementations of the major JavaScript libraries (, YUI, and mootools) differ from one another.

    (tags: javascript)

  • Beta II: The Audio Fix

    A bit late off the mark on this one, but beta 2 of Flash Player 9 for Linux is now out, and it contains big improvements to audio output, which was reportedly flakey in the first beta.

    (tags: flash linux)

  • ColorJack: DHTML Color Picker

    Small and simple, this color picker control is free to use in your own projects. Unfortunately, the sample code is quite obtrusive and fails completely when JavaScript is turned off. Anyone up for crafting an unobtrusive version of this?

    (tags: javascript software)

  • Google Code – Updates: JSON in GData

    JSON is now supported by Google Base, Blogger, and Calendar feeds, greatly simplifying mashups based on these services. Still waiting for JSON Google Search results though. (thanks andrewk)

    (tags: ajax javascript google)

  • Rails 1.2: Release Candidate 1

    Again, playing catch-up a little with this one. Rails 1.2 is nearing release with the addition of REST-aware controllers, simpler handling of multiple page formats, and strong (if still a little klunky) support for multibyte text.

    (tags: rubyonrails)

  • 24 ways: 2006

    It’s December, which means that, once again, it’s time for 24 Ways’ advent calendar of standards-compliant delights. (thanks spiky_simon)

    (tags: standards javascript css)

  • Free SEO Tools, Internet Marketing Tools and Backlink Checkers

    A rich collection of SEO tools to analyze your site as you claw your way to the top of the rankings. (thanks jamesbooker)

    (tags: search)


    A 24-hour coding competition to see who can code the best PHP app, scheduled to happen on January 27, 2007. (thanks spiky_simon)

    (tags: php)

  • Announcing the release of the first “WPF/E” CTP

    The first preview of Microsoft’s Flash competitor, “WPF/E”. Runs on Internet Explorer, Firefox (1.5 only on Mac OS in this release), and Safari. The demos are nice enough, but the real difference from Flash comes on the development side.

    (tags: microsoft wpf/e)

  • CSS Documentation Shortcut –

    A site that provides a quick redirect to the official W3C documentation for any CSS property.

    (tags: css)

  • Microformats Icons

    A first stab at some standard icons for signalling the presence of microformats within a web page. Follow the link to the microformats wiki for discussion on their design and usefulness.

    (tags: microformats design)

  • Douglas Crockford Video: Advanced JavaScript

    Yahoo!’s JavaScript Architect Douglas Crockford explores the advanced aspects of JavaScript development: the three styles of object oriented inheritance, debugging JavaScript, optimizing for performance, and JSON.

    (tags: javascript)

  • Joining .WAVs with PHP

    A dead simple method of joining multiple WAV files to produce an accessible audio CAPTCHA.

    (tags: accessibility php audio)

  • Firebug console for IE

    Firebug Lite is a version of the Firebug console that runs in non-Firefox browsers simply by including the necessary JavaScript in the page. With this bookmarklet, you can insert the code to launch the console only when you need it. (thanks ssttoo)

    (tags: ie javascript)

  • Release of Groovy RC-1

    Groovy, a scripting language that runs on the Java virtual machine, is nearing its 1.0 release. This public release candidate represents the final significant changes to the language.

    (tags: java)

  • How to structure large CSS files

    Some clear and reasonable advice on how to structure your CSS files. This isn’t the only way to go, but it’s one of the better approaches I’ve seen.

    (tags: css)

  • Dojo 0.4.1

    Primarily a bugfix and performance improvement release, Dojo is now more solid than ever.

    (tags: javascript software)

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