News Wire: Google's Colorful Logo, jQuery Reference, and more

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    Google Blatantly Copies Yahoo!? Google has apparently ripped off Yahoo!'s page to market a branded version of Internet Explorer 7. The designs match very closely, and the screenshot has been tweaked in a few conspicuous places. (tags: google yahoo! i

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    RESTful Rails Development PDF Released A free 30 page PDF primer on building Rails applications using REST. The English is pretty patchy given it has been translated from German, but some of the examples are great. (thanks, mattymcg) (tags: rubyonrai

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    WCAG Samurai An anonymous group of developers, led by accessibility guru Joe Clark, has published an independant review of the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0. Independently reviewed by two additional experts, this document was a year

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    iPhone JavaScript Experiments: Day One JavaScript guru Joe Hewitt is not impressed with the iPhone as a rich application development platform. Lack of mousedown and mousemove events, for example, prevent developers from taking advantage of the iPhone

  • News Wire: PHP 4's Days are Numbered 2007-07-17

    Dojo 0.9 lands softly. Dojo 0.9 beta is out with a significant speed boost, pervasive improvements to accessibility (including keyboard navigation), a revamped and consistent themeing engine for widgets, and redesigned online documentation. (tags: ja

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    Update to Internet Explorer's Cookie Jar The latest auto update to Interent Explorer increases the limit on the number of cookies per domain from 20 to 50. The total size limitation of 4KB of cookie data per domain remains unchanged. (tags: ie http )

  • Oct 8, 2006 News Wire 2006-10-09

    Understanding HTML, XML and XHTML From the Safari crew, this is one of the most well-reasoned and pragmatic takes on the whole HTML vs XHTML debate I have yet seen. In short, Safari recommends you stick with HTML 4 for now, and the article notes that

  • Oct 11, 2006 News Wire 2006-10-12

    CSS3 Module: Paged Media The W3C has released a Last Call Working Draft of CSS3: Paged Media, which adds pagination, margins, size and orientation, headers and footers, widows and orphans, image orientation and page numbering. Comments welcome throug

  • News Wire: Microsoft to Tackle PHP 2006-11-04

    Feeling validated The W3C recently removed the ability to view the document outline (including heading structure) from its HTML validator. It turns out this useful feature is now available as a part of the little-known semantic data extractor tool, a

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    kuler Wicked-cool color theme creation tool from Adobe Labs. Generate themes using different color combination algorithms, rate themes that other users have shared, and download any theme you like for use in Adobe Creative Suite 2 applications. (tags

  • News Wire: Bill Gates on Web Standards 2006-12-16

    Who Questions Bill Gates' Commitment to Web Standards? Molly Holzchlag was among a number of high-profile bloggers invited to discuss the issues of the day with a number of Microsoft insiders, including Bill Gates himself. What does Gates really thin

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