News Wire: Microsoft to Tackle PHP

  • Feeling validated

    The W3C recently removed the ability to view the document outline (including heading structure) from its HTML validator. It turns out this useful feature is now available as a part of the little-known semantic data extractor tool, also from the W3C.

    (tags: html standards)

  • NetBeans 5.5 has been released

    Sun’s open source Java IDE gets better with every version, and this release includes major speed improvements, a preview of the NetBeans Visual Web Pack (basically Java Studio Creator bundled as a NetBeans plugin), and a lot more!

    (tags: java opensource)

  • Real-Time 3D in Javascript

    A slick demo of just how far you can push JavaScript and CSS to produce dynamic graphics. By using the corners of CSS borders to produce colored triangles, this demo renders a spinning 3D object using nothing but HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

    (tags: javascript css)

  • Designing for Dyslexics: Part 2 of 3

    Mel Pedley explains that the current WCAG recommendation does not take dyslexia into account in its treatment of contrast. Consequently, she recommends offering a style sheet with non-compliant contrast ratios to increase your site’s accessibility.

    (tags: accessibility design)

  • Firefox 2 vs IE 7

    With Firefox 2 out, Zimbra has updated its recent JavaScript performance test results. In short, the difference between Firefox 1.5 and Firefox 2 is less than the huge gains when going from IE 6 to IE7, but Firefox is still the top performer overall.

    (tags: firefox ie)

  • GWT 1.2 Release Candidate – with Mac OS X support!

    Google has delivered on its promise to support Mac OS X as a development platform for Google Web Toolkit (GWT) with this release candidate of GWT 1.2.

    (tags: google java javascript)

  • Framework 2.0

    The hype surrounding Ruby on Rails is fading, according to Google Trends. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but merely a recognition that Rails is “just another framework”, and that other frameworks are learning from the unique strengths of Rails.

    (tags: rubyonrails)

  • Drupal 5.0 beta 1

    The first beta of a major update to the venerable PHP-based CMS, Drupal, is now ready for download and testing. The development team is looking for help not just from experienced users, but from new users to test the usability improvements.

    (tags: php opensource software)

  • Microsoft Wants Speed Advantage With Open Source PHP

    Microsoft is teaming up with Zend to improve the performance of PHP on the Internet Information Services (IIS) web server built into Windows.

    (tags: iis php)

  • Coldfusion Studio 6 A Big Mistake or A Godsend

    Some initial whisperings that Adobe may be working on an update to ColdFusion Studio to coincide with the release of ColdFusion 8.

    (tags: coldfusion)

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) from black to white

    Like most things, the ethics (and legalities) of search optimization are not a black-and-white affair. This is a fascinating description of the different shades of gray that exist today.

    (tags: search)

  • Gmail mobile client is live

    Google has launched a client for Gmail on mobile devices. Written in Java, the app is the first “official” client released by Google that isn’t web based. This makes me wonder why Google hasn’t released a desktop client app for Gmail.

    (tags: email google)

  • PHP and the FastCGI Module for IIS 7.0

    This is worth reading just because it’s the General Manager of Microsoft’s Developer Division blogging about PHP. It’s also cool to see the new FastCGI module for IIS7 in action.

    (tags: php iis)

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