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  • JavaScript 1.8 Progress

    jQuery’s John Resig summarizes enhancements to JavaScript that are now available in the nightly test builds of Firefox 3. Warning: this ain’t your father’s JavaScript!

    (tags: javascript firefox)

  • Google Gears ORM

    In what was an inevitable development, the first (simple) object-relational mapping library has been built on top of Google Gears, the client-side database framework launched last week by Google.

    (tags: javascript google software)

  • Toggler

    From Art & Science of CSS author Jonathan Snook, a nice, little script that enables users to select a range of checkboxes just by clicking and dragging the mouse over them.

    (tags: javascript software)

  • HTML Entity Character Lookup

    Even more useful than it looks at first glance, this page lets you look up HTML character entity codes by typing in text that’s “similar” to what you want (e.g. type “tm” to get the trademark symbol). Mac OS X Dashboard widget also available. (thanks lox)

    (tags: html software)

  • Give your web app international appeal

    A slick solution to translating your PHP-powered web site into multiple languages using the gettext functions, which are available in most PHP installations. (thanks paul.annesley)

    (tags: php i18n)

  • Obscuring HTTP

    Jeff Perrin provides a thoughtful critique of ASP.NET Web Forms based on the fact that they obscure the simplicity of HTTP in attempt to emulate desktop application development, when that simpler model is all that’s required for many web applications.

    (tags: http

  • Get JRuby onto the Rails on Mac OS X

    A newbie’s guide to JRuby, the implementation of the Ruby language that runs on the Java VM. This tutorial gets a Ruby on Rails app up and running under JRuby. Though written for Mac OS X, the JRuby-specific instructions will work on Windows or Linux too.

    (tags: rubyonrails java)

  • JRuby 1.0.0RC3 Released – And This Is It!

    What is intended to be the final preview release of JRuby before 1.0 is now out! 1.0 is expected later this week.

    (tags: rubyonrails java)

  • Google: Don’t let your kids use Gears

    The license agreement presented when installing Google Gears requires the user to be of legal age. Gears is BSD-licensed code, so I suppose minors could make their own “child-friendly” version of Gears just by crediting Google.

    (tags: google)

  • Microsoft and IronRuby

    Microsoft developer John Lam provides some more solid information about Microsoft’s plans for IronRuby (the Ruby language on the .NET CLR), and just how compatible with other Ruby implementations it will be.

    (tags: rubyonrails .net)

  • Opera Mini Simulator

    It couldn’t be easier to see how your site will work in Opera Mini—an extremely popular browser for mobile phones. Just visit this page and try it out for yourself! (thanks gnarly)

    (tags: opera)

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