News Wire: The Business Case for Web Standards

  • Instant.js (now with IE 6/7 support)

    Exploiting the dynamic graphics features of current browsers (e.g. the canvas element), instant.js (along with corner.js, glossy.js, and loupe.js) adds special effects to images on your page that you can configure by applying special CSS class names.

    (tags: css design javascript software)

  • Beta of Opera Mini 4 is here!

    Opera has released a beta version of the new Opera Mini 4 browser for mobile phones. You can play with the live demo in your desktop web browser, or install it on your phone for free.

    (tags: opera mobile)

  • Google says Vista search changes not enough

    In response to Google’s antitrust complaint regarding Windows Vista’s Desktop Search feature, Microsoft has pledged to make changes to the operating system, but Google claims the changes are not enough.

    (tags: windows google microsoft search business)

  • Yet another one more thing… a new Web Inspector!

    Although it remains unclear whether or not it will be released along with Safari 3, the Safari team has announced a brand new Web Inspector window that brings most of the power of Firebug (the only exception being JavaScript debugging) to Safari.

    (tags: safari css javascript http)

  • Implementing Silverlight in 21 Days

    This tale from the trenches documents how a team of developers on Novell’s Mono team (the open source .NET implementation) got together and implemented the basics of Moonlight—an open source Silverlight clone—in time for a conference demo.

    (tags: .net opensource silverlight linux)

  • “The Business case for Web Standards” Wiki

    Chris Heilmann has launched this wiki project to collectively document arguments for (and counterarguments against) the adoption of web standards from a business perspective. Different audiences are considered and significant case studies are included.

    (tags: standards business)

  • SlickSpeed Selectors Test

    Produced by the developers of MooTools, this benchmark tests the major JavaScript libraries’ CSS selector features (selecting a set of DOM nodes using CSS selector syntax). Some of the time differences are amazing!

    (tags: javascript)

  • Ajax, javascript and threads : the final truth

    While it’s common knowledge that JavaScript is single-threaded, the experiment described here—and the ensuing comments—demonstrate that blocking functions like alert can enable waiting tasks (like Ajax callbacks) to run immediately.

    (tags: javascript programming ajax)

  • Victorian Government Accessibility Toolkit

    Written by Gian Sampson-Wild for the State of Victoria, Australia, this is essentially a free ebook on web accessibility from one of the leading experts in the field!

    (tags: accessibility)

  • Testability Costs Too Much

    Also from Gian Sampson-Wild, a new critique of WCAG 2.0 based on the requirement that all of the accessibility guidleines be “testable”. In her view, this has watered down many useful parts of the spec, most notably in the area of cognitive disabilities.

    (tags: accessibility standards)

  • HTML 5 differences from HTML 4

    From the W3C HTML Working Group, an excellent summary of the significant differences between HTML 4 and the current draft of HTML 5. None of this is final, and the document itself is under active development, but it’s a very worthwhile read nonetheless.

    (tags: html standards)

  • The State of Proxy Caching

    Proxy caches are slipping between the cracks in the push for standards compliance on the Web. According to this detailed survey, most products seem to implement HTTP standards only so far as is needed to support current usage on the Web—just barely.

    (tags: http standards)

  • Judge rejects Google’s anti-Microsoft antitrust bid

    Possibly ending the Windows Vista Desktop Search antitrust saga, a judge ruled on Tuesday to dismiss Google’s latest complaint against Microsoft in the case.

    (tags: google microsoft search business)

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