News Wire: The Future of HTML and IE

  • Pyjamas: Pythons answer to GWT

    Just as the Google Web Toolkit lets you write JavaScript-powered web UIs by writing Java code, Pyjamas lets you write JavaScript-powered web UIs by writing Python code. Still early days for this framework, but worth a look if you’re into Python.

    (tags: python javascript)

  • moo.fx 2.0: a whole new mooing

    I was afraid the moo.fx JavaScript effects library’s ultra-lightweight days were behind it now that the full mootools library is out, but moo.fx 2.0 is now out and it’s still tiny! Includes versions that rely on mootools and Prototype Lite.

    (tags: javascript)

  • Adobe Press Room: For immediate release

    Adobe has announced it will contribute to the Mozilla project a large body of source code that is used in Flash Player 9’s new ActionScript virtual machine. Dubbed the Tamarin project, this code will support ECMAScript 4 in future Mozilla browsers.

    (tags: javascript opensource flash firefox)

  • PHP configuration statistics

    Damien Seguy has compiled statistics about PHP configurations by gathering the output of the php_info() function from 11,000 sites. Some quick stats: register_globals enabled on 57% of sites; magic_quotes_gpc enabled on 76%; display_errors enabled on 80%.

    (tags: php security)

  • Refining Data Tables

    A nice discussion of the available interface design patterns for presenting large tables of data with filtering/sorting features. (thanks harryf)

    (tags: design usability)

  • Efficient JavaScript

    An excellent article on the Opera Developer Community site with tips on improving the performance of your JavaScript code across all browsers.

    (tags: javascript)

  • .NET Framework 3.0 has been released!

    The new version adds the Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF), Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) APIs, with few changes to the existing .NET 2.0 APIs. The VS2005 extensions are also up.

    (tags: .net software)

  • Pebble 2.0.0 released

    This venerable, lightweight blogging application has just made its second major release. With many changes under the covers, 2.0 includes rich text editing, simpler and more powerful skinning, and more flexible access control and user authentication.

    (tags: java software opensource)

  • Smith 1.0, free ColdFusion engine written in Java released

    Smith is a freeware, cross-platform ColdFusion engine, written entirely in Java. Beware, however, this project’s biggest limitation: it does not yet support CFCs. This makes it inappropriate for running complex ColdFusion applications.

    (tags: coldfusion java software)

  • IE7 and Various Screen Readers and Screen Enlargers

    From the official Internet Explorer blog, a run-down of how the various screen readers and magnifiers work with IE 7. Especially interesting is a mention of improved support for “dynamically updating content” in JAWS 8, due out in November.

    (tags: accessibility ie)

  • You can improve

    Microsoft has asked for input on what elements of Internet Explorer’s scripting support should get some attention in the next major release of Internet Explorer (IE 7.1? IE 8?). A wiki has been established for the wishlist and they want your comments!

    (tags: javascript ie)

  • Have Your Say about the Future of HTML

    Following the announcement that the W3C will resume development of HTML in parallel with the ongoing work on XHTML, the WHATWG is seeking feedback on what is needed in the next version of HTML, as well as how the development process might be improved.

    (tags: html standards)

  • Adobe, Mozilla, and Tamarin

    An excellent demystification of today’s announcement that Adobe is open sourcing its ActionScript Virtual Machine technology as the Mozilla Tamarin project. What does it mean, and what does it not mean? Get the facts right here.

    (tags: javascript flash firefox)

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