News Wire: The Secret Origin of Ajax

  • Upcoming CSS3 support in Opera

    Just when I’d given up hope on CSS 3, Opera insider David Storey posts this run-down on the features that are up and running in their current internal build. It’s mainly selectors at this stage, but support for CSS2’s text-shadow makes up for that!

    (tags: opera css)

  • WordPress 2.1 Ella

    WordPress 2.1 is out. The most visible improvements center around the WYSIWYG writing experience, but the added goodness is baked right through.

    (tags: software php)

  • Seven accessibility mistakes you don’t want to make

    SitePoint pal Roger Johansson gives a great summary of this two-part article series from Digital Web, offering up advice for web development shops struggling to meet accessibility standards in real-world projects.

    (tags: accessibility)

  • HTML Standards Process Returning from the Grave

    The Safari development team chimes in with detailed feedback on the proposed charters for the W3C’s new HTML working groups. Dan Connolly of the W3C responds in the comments to this post.

    (tags: html standards safari)

  • Practical, Entry-Level Web Accessibility

    Work with developers who don’t know a thing about web accessibility? Point them at this article. Free of hand-wavy notions and idealism, it offers up ten solid things the accessibility newbie can do to improve a site.

    (tags: accessibility)

  • jQuery Birthday: 1.1, New Site, New Docs

    The popular jQuery JavaScript library has reached its 1.1 release, which comes with a slew of improvements both to the library itself and the documentation that goes with it. The 10x-20x speed improvement on selectors makes this an essential upgrade.

    (tags: javascript software)

  • Attribute nightmare in IE

    Having edited a couple of JavaScript books in my time, I knew Internet Explorer was bad at giving you access to attribute values, but I didn’t know just how bad until I read this account of one developer’s attempt to make sense of it all.

    (tags: ie javascript)

  • Prototype Javascript Library Prototype 1.5 and the Documentation is Here

    At last! The Prototype JavaScript library has an official web site, documentation, and blog, all timed to the official release of Prototype 1.5 (which itself is timed to the launch of Ruby on Rails 1.2). And there was much rejoicing.

    (tags: javascript software)

  • Riding Rails: Rails 1.2: REST admiration, HTTP lovefest, and UTF-8 celebrations

    After much wailing and gnashing of teeth (especially SitePoint’s editors, as they put the finishing touches on our Ruby on Rails book), Ruby on Rails 1.2 is out. For me, the biggest improvement is UTF-8 text support, but pick your own favourite feature.

    (tags: rubyonrails)

  • The story of XMLHTTP

    Alex Hopmann is the man who invented XMLHTTP, the proprietary Internet Explorer feature that makes Ajax possible today. Having recently left Microsoft, he has taken the opportunity to write a memoir of how XMLHTTP came to be.

    (tags: ajax ie javascript)

  • Fork JavaScript

    The newest entry in the JavaScript library race, the jury is still out on this one. Fork aspires to the sort of innovation that popularized Prototype, with the strong focus on documentation and code quality of the YUI library.

    (tags: javascript software)

  • ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 Released

    Microsoft shipped the official release of its Ajax extensions for ASP.NET (aka “Atlas”). Nothing much new if you’ve been following the pre-release versions, but if you’ve been waiting for that 1.0-blessed release, now’s the time to try it!

    (tags: ajax)

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