News Wire: W3C Launches HTML Working Group

  • W3C Relaunches HTML Activity

    The W3C’s new HTML working group, co-chaired by Microsoft’s Chris Wilson and the W3C’s Dan Connolly, was launched today. The group aims to have the next HTML recommendation out in 2010 (less than 4 years from now), and to converge with the WHATWG effort.

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  • Quick Apollo Update / Labs Release

    According to Adobe’s Mike Chambers, the company is preparing to release the first public alpha version of the Apollo platform. This first release will be focused on Flex developers, with some initial undocumented support for HTML development.

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  • JScript IntelliSense in Visual Studio Orcas

    The March pre-release of the next version of Visual Studio (code-named Orcas) includes improved JavaScript IntelliSense, much like that supported by other JavaScript-aware editors like Aptana and IntelliJ IDEA.

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  • *+ tests

    James Edwards (aka brothercake) experiments with some CSS hacks that target IE7 only while being perfectly valid.

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  • W3C restarts HTML effort

    Google’s Ian Hickson comments on the launch of the W3C HTML WG on behalf of the WHATWG. “Suprisingly, the W3C never actually contacted [us] during the chartering process.” He also provides instructions on how you can get involved in the new WG.

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