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    When I started writing for SitePoint, one of my first articles was about Zend Framework. Since then, the framework has released version 2 stable. Apart from the name, version 2 is really a new project compared to the older version; ZF has been totall

  • What is the disadvantage of using abstract class as a database connectivity in zend framework 2 instead of service locator 2013-10-21

    If I use database by creating adapter with drivers, initialize it in some abstract class and extend that abstract class to required model. Then use simple query statement. Like this: namespace My-Model\Model\DB; abstract class MysqliDB { protected $a

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    I am new to Zend Framework and trying to setup a website. After changing some necessary setting in config.ini, I tried to load the website and it prompts me an error message. script 'layout.phtml' not found in path (\www\application\redbyhbo\applicat

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    It's official: GWT 1.2 released The new release enables development under MacOS X in addition to the previously supported Windows and Linux environments, and significantly speeds up the hosted debugging runtime environment. (tags: google java javascr

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    CSS3 Module: Paged Media The W3C has released a Last Call Working Draft of CSS3: Paged Media, which adds pagination, margins, size and orientation, headers and footers, widows and orphans, image orientation and page numbering. Comments welcome throug

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    Getting Real, the book, now comes in three flavors 37signals re-releases its popular ebook, Getting Real, in print-on-demand paperback and as a free HTML version for online viewing. (tags: business) XSS Fragmentation Attacks + MySpace 0day A new vuln

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    Feeling validated The W3C recently removed the ability to view the document outline (including heading structure) from its HTML validator. It turns out this useful feature is now available as a part of the little-known semantic data extractor tool, a

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    Pyjamas: Pythons answer to GWT Just as the Google Web Toolkit lets you write JavaScript-powered web UIs by writing Java code, Pyjamas lets you write JavaScript-powered web UIs by writing Python code. Still early days for this framework, but worth a l

  • News Wire: Is PHP Doomed? 2007-05-25

    PHP Interview questions from YAHOO A few questions from the exam (or at least one of them) that Yahoo! administers to applicants for PHP development jobs. A few were a little bit "memorize the function names" for me, but others, like "How d

  • News Wire: Look Who's Back from the Dead 2007-06-13

    WCAG Samurai An anonymous group of developers, led by accessibility guru Joe Clark, has published an independant review of the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0. Independently reviewed by two additional experts, this document was a year

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    iPhone JavaScript Experiments: Day One JavaScript guru Joe Hewitt is not impressed with the iPhone as a rich application development platform. Lack of mousedown and mousemove events, for example, prevent developers from taking advantage of the iPhone

  • News Wire: Two New Opera Releases 2007-09-05

    Update to Internet Explorer's Cookie Jar The latest auto update to Interent Explorer increases the limit on the number of cookies per domain from 20 to 50. The total size limitation of 4KB of cookie data per domain remains unchanged. (tags: ie http )

  • Mash Up Your Music with the Zend Framework 2008-01-25

    In a previous article, Akash Mehta detailed how to use the Yahoo! Maps API to create your own mashup. In this article, we'll look at using some other Yahoo! APIs to create our very own music mashup. Along the way, I'll introduce you to the Zend Frame

  • Why Zend Framework doesn't render layouts after migration? 2010-12-10

    I'm not sure if this question belongs here or StackOverflow... Some time ago I wrote a web app using Zend Framework and since then it ran flawlessly on a standard shared hosting (lampp stack). I bought a VPS and set up a few sites without a problem u

  • How do I configure the PHP Zend Framework in Netbeans? 2011-01-14

    Anyone installed zend-framework plugin? I installed it, but cannot create any php-zend-framework projects. Here is a screenshot: In this project I am not able to check the checkbox (neither zend nor symfony). Any ideas? --------------Solutions-------

  • Zend Framework: Should I worry about the details of the MVC implementation? 2011-06-05

    I've been studying Zend Framework's MVC for a few weeks, and am having a really, really difficult time with it. I'm new to OOP, but I understand OOP in PHP without too much difficulty; I understand how to use some of the packages in Zend's library, e

  • Why is Zend Framework so complicated? 2011-12-06

    I am web developer and have experience of developing several web applications in PHP. I have an idea of developing a product for myself and decided to use a MVC based framework because I really like the idea of MVC and how one can easily manage and m

  • ClamAV as a Validation Filter in Zend Framework 2012-01-06

    Ok, so you're pretty comfortable with using the Zend Framework, specifically the use of Forms. Along with that, you have a good working knowledge of how to combine a host of standard validators such as CreditCard, EmailAddress, Db_RecordExists, and H

  • Learning Zend Framework 1 or 2? 2012-02-16

    I have programmed for a few years in php and now I'm going to learn zend framwork. Zend is very popular and there are a lot of tutorials, books and documentation out there. But I saw in the last months that there is a second version of Zend, but it's

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