Nice mysql/mariadb cluster status query

I'm trying to write a nice bit of SQL to give me a quick readout on cluster performance. I have a start, just wondering if anyone has anything better, or would like to improve on what I have:

 select 'Node:' Variable, concat(ucase(@@hostname),' in ',(select variable_value from information_schema.global_status where variable_name='wsrep_cluster_size'),' node cluster') as val  UNION   select 'Connections', concat(variable_value,' used / ',@@max_connections,' max') from information_schema.global_status where variable_name='max_used_connections'   UNION   select 'Connections', concat(variable_value,' used / ',@@max_connections,' max') from information_schema.global_status where variable_name='max_used_connections'  UNION   select 'Memory used (Mb)',round(variable_value/1024/1024,1) from information_schema.global_status where variable_name='Memory_used'  UNION   select 'Statuses', ucase(group_concat(variable_value SEPARATOR ' ')) from information_schema.global_status where variable_name in ('wsrep_evs_state','wsrep_connected','wsrep_local_state_comment','wsrep_cluster_status')  UNION   (select replace(lcase(variable_name),'wsrep_','') as variable,ucase(replace(variable_value,':1306','')) as val from information_schema.global_status where variable_name in ('wsrep_flow_control_sent','wsrep_cert_deps_distance','wsrep_flow_control_paused','wsrep_local_recv_queue_avg','wsrep_local_recv_queue_avg','wsrep_incoming_addresses') order by variable) 

and sample output is:

 +----------------------+----------------------------------+  | Variable             | val                              |  +----------------------+----------------------------------+  | Node:                | NODEBOB in 3 node cluster        |  | Connections          | 5 used / 500 max                 |  | Memory used (Mb)     | 272.5                            |  | Statuses             | SYNCED OPERATIONAL PRIMARY ON    |  | local_recv_queue_avg | 0.000000                         |  | flow_control_paused  | 0.000000                         |  | flow_control_sent    | 0                                |  | cert_deps_distance   | 35.865174                        |  | incoming_addresses   |,, |  +----------------------+----------------------------------+ 

I want to know, at a glance, that its up, all the nodes are attached, and there are no impending performance issues. (I'm using mariaDB 10.1)


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