Nintex Workflow Query Lookup Filter not working for User field

So I have a nintex workflow where a username is extracted from an infopath form via Query XML. Confirmed that it comes out into the user variable (of type person or group) in the format DOMAIN\USER

If I insert item into a list with a Person/Group column for Username, it successfully inserts and works fine in the list.

If I try to update the list I first use Query list to get the ID's of the record(s) I need to modify the Status field for. In this, all I've done is filter the list where Username = user variable but nothing returns.

The column and variable are both Person or Group type variables. What am I doing wrong? I can filter the list for when the Status = Active and it brings back all active records so changing the filter to Username = user should work just fine. Is there soemthing special I need to do since this came in from Query XML?


Category: workflow Time: 2012-03-28 Views: 28

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