No response from Arducam OV5640 camera module

I am working on a project involving cameras using a Zynq FPGA on a Digilent Zybo board. I can successfully get a response from an OV7670 by configuring it via SCCB. Even without configuration the OV7670 provides a PCLK and drives the data pins as long as I provide it an appropriate XCLK signal. I have recently bought an Arducam OV5640 module. The documentation that I have read so far about this module suggests that I can still use 3.3V logic. I get no response from this module when providing a 12-25MHz XCLK signal. Can someone point me in the right direction and make me aware of what I may be doing wrong? Is it really 3.3V logic or should it be less? Is there some power-up sequence that I am not aware of that I should be doing differently than the OV7670?

Any help will be much appreciated. I am really stuck and it is well known that Omnivisions documentation is far from complete.


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Tags: camera fpga vhdl

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