nodejs request module check for response status before pipe into file

I am currently using "request" module to download some files.

The code looks like

function download(url, fileName, path) {     return new Promise(function(resolve, reject) {         request({url: url})         .pipe(fs.createWriteStream(path))         .on("close", function() {             log.d("File %s downloaded to path %s", fileName, path);             resolve(info);         })         .on("error", reject);     }); } 

Now, I notice that even when the URL returns a 404 NOT FOUND. Somehow the request module still manages to pipe out something and a file with 1 kb is stored.

What can I do to intercept the status code, maybe check that it is less than 400. Before piping it to file?

I look up their github, couldn't find an example.

Thanks a lot.


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Tags: node.js

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