Note on XML_Serializer Article

If you’re reading Instant XML with PHP and PEAR::XML_Serializer, there’s a small point I need to correct, related to unserializing XML into PHP objects. On page 3, about half way down, I wrote;

Like PHP’s unserialize() function, XML_Unserializer doesn’t provide a mechanism for calling class methods when unserializing objects; rather, it sets the properties of an object directly (so, be careful):

Since writing that, while trawling the source discovered that XML_Unserializer does provide a mechanism to use a method for setting object properties, by using an explicitly named method like “set“, where is the name of the object property.

In other words, when unserializing objects, if your PHP class contains “setter methods”, following this naming convention, XML_Unserializer will use those methods instead of setting the property directly.


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