OAuth2, microservices, and "keep me logged in" feature

I'm trying to learn more about authentication in microservices using OAuth2.

I've been reading about OAuth2, and while I understand the basics, I have great difficulty understanding how everything works together.

Let's start with an example:

I have a website, which is built on two microservices:

  • auth service: basically an auth2 service that uses resource-owner based password authentication.
  • album: once a user is authenticated, he can create photo albums and share it with other users of the site.
  • website has a "remember me for 30 days" option during login.
  • user should be able to see from which devices and locations he is logged in, and able to terminate them (in case of unauthorised logins). This is similar to functionality that FaceBook and DropBox provide.

Let's start with the authentication app, a typical auth2 response looks like this:

{"refresh_token": "aEMpqJsg6aotX9HaeVnFqqRBaQn7Bo", "access_token": "aSAX21mzmYRnizwhn1ltFZWDsIbif4", "expires_in": 36000, "token_type": "Bearer", "scope": "read write"} 

The login-button of my website just does an OAuth2 request my auth service, and receives the response above.Now, what do I do with this information in order to use this? Do I just store this JSON response in a cookie? I need some form of persistence, in order to use this token for subsequent requests.

Next question: Can I just create a token which expires in 30 days, or is this considered a bad practice? If yes, how can I mitigate this without losing this functionality?

Now to the next part: My album service needs to know who the user is. I assume that the API gateway has the responsibility of making sure the token is correct, and also include the user-id in the request? What if the album needs additional information about the user? Should it just contact the auth app for this?

I tried to find the answers to these questions myself, but it's very hard to find actual good information on this. Most of the stuff I found on the net just gave me vague answers, like "read the oauth2 specs" or "use JWT". While I realise a good understanding of oauth2 is necessary, it would be helpful to me if got some explanation by someone who has actual experience in building something like this. (Book recommendations are also welcome).


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