Oct 11, 2006 News Wire

  • CSS3 Module: Paged Media

    The W3C has released a Last Call Working Draft of CSS3: Paged Media, which adds pagination, margins, size and orientation, headers and footers, widows and orphans, image orientation and page numbering. Comments welcome through November 3.

    (tags: css standards)

  • CSS in the large

    Krzysztof Szafranek maps out the approach he has taken to managing a library of assets, including CSS style sheets, shared across a large number of sites. With an intelligent folder structure and some server smarts, he was able to limit duplicate code.

    (tags: css)

  • MySQL Tools for Visual Studio 1.0.1

    A free plug-in for Visual Studio 2005 (Express Editions not supported) for managing MySQL database structures within Visual Studio. Data-driven applications including the DataSet designer are not yet supported.

    (tags: mysql .net)

  • Java on Vista: Yes, it Works

    A great summary on the state of Java in relation to Windows Vista. In short, everything is working except for a few new restrictions places on signed Java Applets when running in IE7 on Vista.

    (tags: java windows)

  • OpenAjax Update – Addressing Key Challenges for Ajax Adoption

    OpenAjax is an initiative to develop standards for AJAX solutions, and includes influential players within the space, such as IBM, Dojo, Zimbra, and Zend. This post reports the work going on within the group to define problems for it to tackle.

    (tags: ajax)

  • Unobtrusive Markup with Prototype

    A useful demo of how the onDOMReady extension for the Prototype library may be used to add extra non-semantic markup to a page that you can then style with CSS to produce effects such as rounded corners.

    (tags: css javascript html)

  • Helmi Technologies releases Open Source Java Ajax Platform

    From the vague descriptions offered on the web site, the Helmi Open Source RIA Platform is a similar solution to Google Web Toolkit (write AJAX apps in Java), except it is open source. A release candidate is available for download, but details are scarce.

    (tags: ajax java opensource)

  • Firefox Set Free in IceWeasel

    Slated for release in the next version of the Debian distribution of Linux, IceWeasel will be a version of Firefox without the non-free elements, such as the Firefox logo and certain default plug-ins.

    (tags: firefox opensource)

  • Subversion 1.4 Gotchas

    Worth reading before you upgrade to the new release of Subversion. In short, once you update a working copy using a Subversion 1.4 client, software built with the 1.3 client libraries (e.g. your favourite IDE) will be unable to access that working copy.

    (tags: programming software opensource)

  • Google “Docs & Spreadsheets” Launches

    Google combines and re-launches Writely and Google Spreadsheets. It’s a shame the Google name carries so much weight, because I believe competitor ThinkFree Office (http://www.thinkfree.com/) has had a much better offering for a long time now.

    (tags: google ajax)

  • FileZilla 3.0.0-beta1 has been released

    The leading free secure FTP client is being completely re-written for its 3.0 release, which is now available in beta. The user interface still needs a lot of work, but the software is now fully cross-platform (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and BSD).

    (tags: software opensource)

  • Spring 2.0 Final Released

    With over 10,000 downloads in the first day, Spring 2.0 is a hit. The new release includes many features that simplify development (plenty of convention over configuration), as well as a number of new features for power developers.

    (tags: java opensource software)

  • IE7 Is Coming This Month…Are you Ready?

    This is it, boys and girls. If you’ve been waiting for a firm release date to begin updating your sites for IE7, you’ve got it. Internet Explorer 7.0 will be released before the end of October (with the Windows auto-update to come a few weeks later).

    (tags: ie)

  • Ten Questions with YAHOO.ext Author Jack Slocum

    Yahoo! shows just how plugged-in the Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) library team is by interviewing Jack Slocum, author of a number of widely-praised YUI extensions (including an enhanced UI for phpBB featured here recently), on the official YUI blog.

    (tags: javascript yahoo!)

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    Yahoo! Maps API, now for commercial use too (by Jeremy Zawodny) Hot on the heels of Google's announcement of Enterprise licensing for its Maps API, Yahoo! releases its API for commerciall use free of charge. (tags: yahoo apis) MxGraph Thin Client – J

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