Open Source Coming of Age

I was recently introduced to a fascinating consortium site that follows standards of all stripes. However in an August bulletin, the site delves into the open source sphere and what the editors considered open source getting serious., presented and maintained by Gesmer Updegrove LLP (a legal firm working in the intellectual property and high technology space), focuses on the setting of standards across industries, the formation of consortiums by way of vendors seeking to establish standards and so on.

Obviously it is a natural step for these folks to cover open source as it evolves. Probably the most difficult chapter in the open source lifecycle is and will continue to be for some time — establishing international standards to increase adoption beyond highly technical users and gain traction deeper in corporate and consumer bases.

The Consortium Standards Bulletin in August includes an interview with three significant players in the open source world – John Terpstra, of the Samba project, John Weathersby of the Open Source Software Institute and Jim McQuillan of the Linux Terminal Server Project.


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