Open streaming video in Chrome

I am trying to stream baseball from the First Row Sports website running Chrome in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. The URL is

I followed a tutorial for streaming torrents on Ubuntu ( then clicked the "After install click here to launch stream" which opens this URL in Chrome:


Chrome gives me the pop-up:

External Protocol Request  Google Chrome needs to launch an external application to handle st: links.  The link requested is st://.....  The following application will be launched if you accept this request:  xdg-open 

Clicking the "Launch Application" button does nothing.

I also tried running this from the command line:

xdg-open st://A1YCgpwEdU4DTgaCoAHIgBbEgafIQcoHDpKJkb1RZuWCihcEQkI0VYphAIpBB2RlZmF1bHSKoh5TcG9ydHMsIEdlbmVyYWwsIFdvcmxkV2lkZSBGdW4= 

And get this error:

gvfs-open: st://A1YCgpwEdU4DTgaCoAHIgBbEgafIQcoHDpKJkb1RZuWCihcEQkI0VYphAIpBB2RlZmF1bHSKoh5TcG9ydHMsIEdlbmVyYWwsIFdvcmxkV2lkZSBGdW4=: error opening location: The specified location is not supported. 

How can I get streaming to work? Thank you.


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