OpportunityLineItem:- Field Integrity Error

I am trying to automate the following functionality: When an opportunity stage becomes 'Pending Payment', insert 2 'OpportunityLineItems' using 2 predefined Products.

This is my current code. I am calling the class on an after update event on the Opportunity Sobject:

public void addProductWhenStageIsPendingPayment() {          Set<id> ids = new Set<Id>();         for(Opportunity o : newOpportunities.values()){             if(o.stagename=='Pending Payment')                 ids.add(o.id);         }           List<Opportunity> opps = [Select id, Start_Date__c, End_Date__c,CurrencyIsoCode,PriceBook2id from Opportunity where id in: ids];// and  Start_Date__c!=null and  End_Date__c!=null];          List<Product2> products = [Select id,name, CurrencyIsoCode from Product2];         Id product1Id=NULL;         id product2id=NULL;          list<PriceBookEntry> priceBookList = [SELECT Id, Product2Id, Product2.Id, Product2.Name FROM PriceBookEntry                                               WHERE  PriceBook2.isStandard=true ];         Id priceBook1Id=NULL;         id priceBook2id=NULL;          List<OpportunityLineItem> oppsline = new List<OpportunityLineItem>();          for(Opportunity op : opps)           {             // get the product ids              for(Product2 p : products)             {                 if(p.name=='Name A' & p.CurrencyIsoCode==op.CurrencyIsoCode)                 product1Id=p.id;                 if(p.name=='Name B' &   p.CurrencyIsoCode==op.CurrencyIsoCode)                 product2Id=p.id;              }              // get the price book ids             for(PriceBookEntry pbe : priceBookList)             {                 if(pbe.Product2Id== product1Id)                     priceBook1id = pbe.id;                 if(pbe.Product2Id == product2Id)                     priceBook2id = pbe.id;             }                Date startDate = op.Start_Date__c;             Date endDate = op.End_Date__c;             Integer monthDiff = startDate.monthsBetween(endDate);             monthDiff++;              for(integer i=0; i<monthDiff ; i++)             {                 OpportunityLineItem oli1 = new OpportunityLineItem( PricebookEntryId=  priceBook1Id  , Opportunityid=op.id,UnitPrice=1000,Quantity=22,ServiceDate=endDate,  Description='Name A',Estimate_Actual__c='Estimated');                 OpportunityLineItem oli2 = new OpportunityLineItem( PricebookEntryId=  priceBook2Id , Opportunityid=op.id,UnitPrice=250,Quantity=22,ServiceDate=endDate,    Description='Name B',Estimate_Actual__c='Estimated');                 oppsline.add(oli1);                 oppsline.add(oli2);             }          }          insert oppsline;      } 

This is the current error I am getting:

Error: Invalid Data. Review all error messages below to correct your data. Apex trigger MasterOpportunityTrigger caused an unexpected exception, contact your administrator: MasterOpportunityTrigger: execution of AfterUpdate caused by: System.DmlException: Insert failed. First exception on row 0; first error: FIELD_INTEGRITY_EXCEPTION, field integrity exception: PricebookEntryId (pricebook entry is in a different pricebook than the one assigned to the opportunity): [PricebookEntryId]: Class.ClassOpportunityHandler.addProductWhenStageIsPendingPayment: line 81, column 1


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