Optimizing PostGIS query

I've a query that has to be run against 1 million records. The query finds the intersection between two polygons and the area of the result of the intersection. Here's the query:

SELECT ST_Area(ST_Collect(ST_Intersection(poly1.the_geog::geometry ,    poly2.the_geog::geometry))::geography),    ST_AsGeoJSON(ST_Multi(ST_Collect(ST_Intersection(    poly1.the_geog::geometry ,poly2.the_geog::geometry))))     FROM poly1, poly2 WHERE poly1.id = 1 AND    ST_Intersects(poly1.the_geog::geometry,poly2.the_geog::geometry) 

I'm trying to figure out if I can use the result of ST_Intersection query which is common for ST_AsGeoJSON and for calculating the area using ST_Area. Is it possible to do it ?


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