Option "Reinstall Ubuntu" is not available from live cd

I have a Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on my laptop (dual boot with win10). It recently broke (don't know why, don't care too much) and wanted to use the repair option via live cd. I used the same live cd (USB stick) I used for installing the OS in the first place (also 16.04 LTS), but still the option reinstall while keeping files etc is grayed-out. The option remove and install (lose everything) is available, so the install-menu does seemingly recognize that I have a Ubuntu installed. I could not find anything about this, so my question is:

  • What makes the option reinstall Ubuntu (without losing files) disappear in the live cd installation menu and how can I fix it?
  • This question is not about manually fixing my Ubuntu, nor identifying the Problem with my current installation, though I might ask that in a separate thread

I found this question, so I want to add, that I set-up the connection first.

Edit: Now the option was somehow available. It would be interesting to know what the conditions are for the options to be availble. I am not aware, that anything was different this time.


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