Oracle Database fails to connect (ORA-12170), but all troubleshooting looks right

So, here's the situation. We have a program running on an old Windows 2008 machine (machine A) due to be decommissioned. We are trying to get this program moved to a Windows 2012 machine (machine B). Part of the program connects to an Oracle UCM database.

This connection works just fine on machine A, and this program runs successfully every day.

On machine B, however, it times out, giving an ORA-12170 error from SQLPlus, and a Vendor Code 17002 for Oracle SQL Developer.

  • Running ping or tracert both show successful connections.
  • Running tnsping show successful connection.
  • Connecting via telnet (with correct port specified) successfully connects.

We have confirmed all (known) needed firewalls are open. We can successfully connect from other machines, so listeners and database are running. We can even connect to the web UCM application from Machine B without issue. The tnsnames.ora file is a direct copy from Machine A. We have added hostnames to the appropriate file, with and without ports. Nothing seems to work.

What else might we be missing?


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