osmconvert cannot convert pbf file with -b option

I've downloaded the latest UA.osm.pbf file from


I've installed osmconvert 0.8.5 to my Ubuntu 16.04 osmconvert successfully opens and creates statistic for UA.osm.pbf file

osmconvert UA.osm.pbf --out-statistics ----------------------------------------------------------------- timestamp min: 2007-02-21T08:17:13Z timestamp max: 2016-07-28T23:31:48Z lon min: 19.1582119 lon max: 56.0369675 lat min: 41.6472555 lat max: 56.9060947 nodes: 44162664 ways: 5058105 relations: 110626 node id min: 487747 node id max: 4326298295 way id min: 4306002 way id max: 434671917 relation id min: 2865 relation id max: 6445175 keyval pairs max: 309 keyval pairs max object: relation 60189 noderefs max: 2000 noderefs max object: way 87717954 relrefs max: 3630 relrefs max object: relation 2094111 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Finished! Calculation time: 8s. 

Also it can successfully convert pbf ==> 05m

But if I try to crop it by -b option I get file 167 bytes length

osmconvert UA.osm.pbf -b=47.45,32.94,49.19,36.94 --out-pbf -o=UA.osm_01.pbf  [email protected]:~/mapbuild/osmand-pbf$ ls -la -rw------- 1 algot algot       167 UA.osm_01.pbf -rw-rw-r-- 1 algot algot 380945644 UA.osm.pbf 

What I'm doing wrong and how can I fix it?


I've found what is a problem. boundary parameters order is different than osmosis have so I needed to change order of longitude/latitude and all works ok

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