OSPF Point to Point network ABR advertisements

Suppose ABR1 is an ABR which connects Area 1 to Area 0. Area 1 consists of routers connected via point to point links only (advertised by LSA 1). Is this correct that ABR1 will report all of these links as LSA3 with linkid as router address and data as subnet

+----------Area1-----------|---Area0---| | RT1<--p2p-->RT2<--p2p-->ABR1<--->    | +--------------------------|-----------| 


All the routers in an area will generate Type-1 LSAs to describe their directly attached links in that area. It doesn't matter if they are point-to-point links are not. Every router in an area will know about every other router and its links in an area.

An ABR will convert all the Type-1 LSAs in one area to a Type-3 LSA for the other area to which it is attached. The ABR Router ID will be the advertising router for the Type-3 LSAs which it generates. A Type-3 LSA can contain multiple networks.

From RFC 2328, OSPF Version 2:

When the LSA is describing a network (LS type = 2, 3 or 5), the network's IP address is easily derived by masking the Link State ID with the network/subnet mask contained in the body of the LSA.

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