Permission denied using "man"

For some reason an Ubuntu server (14.04.4 LTS) I'm working on will not allow "man" to be run by regular user. Example:

man ls man: can't change directory to '/root': Permission denied man: command exited with status 255: (cd /root && LESS=-ix8RmPm Manual page ls(1) ?ltline %lt?L/%L.:byte %bB?s/%s..?e (END):?pB %pB\%.. (press h for help or q to quit)$PM Manual page ls(1) ?ltline %lt?L/%L.:byte %bB?s/%s..?e (END):?pB %pB\%.. (press h for help or q to quit)$ MAN_PN=ls(1) pager -s) 

How might this have happened and more importantly how can I fix it?


Seems this only occurs after I su user where "user" is a non privileged user. Workaround is to su -l user but I still don't understand why man would become a privileged command without the login flag.


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