Photo books for the masses

I finally downloaded all my pictures from Boston onto my laptop, and amazingly, some of the fireworks pictures actually turned out… fair. Which brings me to a web site service that a coworker referred to me… is a web site that allows you to create your own hard-cover or paperback photo books, with text or without. I tried making a test one and was quite impressed with the easy-to-use software (quick download) as well as the super-fast turnaround time. Paperback books start at $9.95 for 20 pages, hardcover start at $29.95 for 10 pages — although I was quite excited to see today that they have a special deal for a $19.80 20 page book until the end of August! I will definitely be making a book with some Boston photos.

I apologize to those of you who were actually expecting a “design” related blog… I’ll be more on task tomorrow!


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