PHP 5.4 upgrade broke matrix 2.4.1 9 (EE 2.5.4)

I have recently been asked to look at an EE-based site which is currently broken.

The issue is that where matrix fields occur in the template, it appears they are not parsed and instead are just echoed back, for example:

{main_image}     {matrix_image_title} {/main_image} 

It seems this happened when the host upgraded to PHP 5.4.

I have creating a staging version of the site and have managed to resolve the issue by switching the PHP version to 5.3.28 from 5.4.28. However it is not an option to do this on the live site.

Having consulted documentation it seems that the version of expression engine (2.5.4) and the version of matrix (2.4.1) should fully support PHP 5.4 so I'm a little at a loss as to how to further investigate this issue.

So, aside from changing hosts to one that supports PHP 5.3, can anyone else suggest routes of investigation, solutions or explanations as to why this might be happening?

Many thanks,



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