PHP Conf Lon Live [1]

So made it back to Britain and met up with the PHP London group last night as the warm up to todays conference.

PHP UG London

All I can say is if you’re in London and not getting to the PHP London meetups, you’re missing out. Aside from being a fun social – a PHP usergroup tends to attract a “higher level” of nerd (as in just like regular people… well almost) than your Linux user group – there’s some very switched on guys here, making their livings off PHP and web development in an expensive city. Attendance varies but usually ten regulars on a low turn out up to 30 on a good night (like when Rasmus drops by). Have to mention Demian Turner of PHP Kitchen who I’ve been wanting to meet for a long time.

They’re also in touch, one way or another, with most of the web “scene” happening in London – so even if you’re not a PHP developer, if you’re in web development in general, it’s worth getting in touch. Marcus tells me they’ve also started (unexpectedly) attracting hangers-on in the form of headhunters, desperate for PHP developers – apparently big demand in London

Further respect for getting the conference organised.

PHP Conference Started

Anyway – “live” blogging. Conference started. More than 160 visitors, which is amazing for the first significant UK PHP conference.

PHP Conf Lon Live [1]

Derick is giving is eZ components talk right now…

PHP Conf Lon Live [1]

Thoughts and impressions some other time, when time.

Also ran into Simon who’s attending – more there when I get a chance to talk to him.


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