php fulltext index innodb - phpmyadmin / MySQL

Anybody that knows of where to find or can knit step-by-step descriptions of how to CREATE and to DELETE a php fulltext index on MySQL-InnoDB using phpMyAdmin?


I'm afraid you'll have to write these sql commands manually in phpMyAdmin or MySQL console. Something like CREATE FULLTEXT INDEX idx ON table_name(column_name);

See the official documentation for the detailed instructions:

If you are using a PHP framework that has ORM and supports migrations, you can place your sql statements inside the migrations. For instance, in Laravel it would look like DB::statement('ALTER TABLE posts ADD FULLTEXT full(name, content)');

This is actually really simple. To add it, go to the "Structure" tab and just click the "Fulltext" link in the "Action" area.

php fulltext index innodb - phpmyadmin / MySQL

To remove it, you might have to expand the "Indexes" area, then click "Drop" for the index that corresponds to the Fulltext index you wish to remove.

As mentioned by @sammitch, it appears that MySQL support for this index began with 5.6.

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