Pixel Dissolving Effect in Flash MX 2004

Note: Flash MX 2004 Professional Only!

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In Flash MX 2004 Professional, there is the ability to add transitions to screen based applications as you are moving screen to screen (you know the kind; Iris, Wipe, Blinds etc), which got me to thinking… A couple of minutes later, I had the idea of pushing the built-in transition to individual Movie Clips for a more interesting effect.

Pixel Dissolving Effect in Flash MX 2004

Note in the example above, I’ve used the ‘onLoad’ event handler and for each row used a different effect duration. All in all, it took about 60 seconds to go from a blank FLA to the finished effect!

The result of which was the panel that you see above, in a similar vein to the ‘Alpha Fader Panel’ I did a few weeks ago, whereby the code is added to a frame based upon your selection within the interface.

Simply select the Movie Clips that you wish to apply the effect to, make your selections within the interface and press ‘Generate Code’, and all the hard work is done for you!

There are many more transitions that are available in Flash MX 2004 Professional; I’ve only skimmed the surface here!


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