Powerful Webmail Solution

Openwebmail is a free, open source webmail solution that offers a comprehensive feature set comparable to Microsoft Outlook. Developed in Perl and built to handle environments large and small, Openwebmail may be an excellent add-on for web designers and developers to recommend to their clients or offer as a service on the servers they manage.

Openwebmail includes powerful features beyond a user-friendly webmail interface. Some of these include:

-Address book
-Disk quotas
-Web Disks
-Spam filters and Mail filtering
-Confirm reading options
-Message searching and spell check features
-Remote SMTP relaying

In addition, in group environments, a global address book and calendar can be created and shared by users.

Openwebmail was inspired by Ernie Miller and his NeoMail project, and has taken on a life of its own. You can review the Openwebmail site at http://www.openwebmail.org.


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