PowerPC on Intel!? Open Source Wonders...

Will the wonders of open source never cease? The crew over at PearPC have delivered a PowerPC emulator that enables numerous PowerPC-based operating systems to run on Intel platforms. This includes Apple’s Panther OS (10.3).

The developer’s have gone on the record in stating this is not for the slight of heart as they are at release 0.1.2, however, screenshots abound on the Internet showing OS X on Windows workstations. (And Steve Jobs thought hell froze over when he put a picture of iTunes on Windows XP on Apple’s home page!)

The project also enables users to run (PowerPC versions) Mandrake Linux 9.1, Darwin, OpenBSD and NetBSD. Many already know that Darwin (the heart of OS X) can currently be installed on an Intel machine as there is an x86 port.

PearPC is early in development and still working on performance, power save and system state issues, but their efforts bring a new emulation capability to developers of all kinds.

Additionally, with the recent release of the PowerPC architecture by IBM, the project may be able to take leaps and bounds with new development resources publicly available.


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