Presenting a large number of items in one slide – too crowded or not?

I am creating a presentation and I have to list the following items (personal information you should take care of):

  1. Full name
  2. Address
  3. Social Security number
  4. Date of birth
  5. Mother’s maiden name
  6. PIN
  7. Usernames
  8. Passwords
  9. E-mail address
  10. Credit score

But I don’t want to just list it; instead I created this:

Presenting a large number of items in one slide – too crowded or not?

My worry is that it seems too crowded. Is this right way to do this or should I just list them? New ideas are utmost welcome. Any help is appreciated.

(I just want to add that what if the list contains 11 items instead 10, how to make it as aesthetically pleasing also.)


The key factor to overcrowding a slide is that it is too much for your audience to grasp (to the extent that it needs to grasp it) while following your talk at the same time. This is a common problem if your slide has a complex structure like some items with substructure or a complicated diagram plus other elements.

Your slide‘s structure is almost the simplest conceivable one: A container of items. Guessing from the context, there is no need for your audience to think about more than one item at once, e.g., to consider any interrelations between the items. The only problem I see is that it may overwhelm the audience if you directly confront it with the entire list. Therefore I would suggest to build up the list item by item (or in reasonable groups of items, if such exist). All these considerations also apply to a plain list, and thus I do not see any advantage of using one.

Another improvement that you should consider is removing the circles (as mentioned by John Manly). If their contents are sufficiently uniform in blackness and size (which is a good idea anyway), they should be identifiable as analogous without additional visual help. However, it’s hard to be sure without comparing both versions.

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