Preserving Projection on SAGA-produced Rasters

I perform a fair amount of hydrological processing in QGIS and rely on SAGA's Topographical Wetness Index and slope-derived functions. In order to use them, SAGA demands that input rasters are warped from geographic to projected "meters-on-the-ground".

The problem arises from the fact that a successful operation like "Fill Sinks", "TWI" or "Relative Heights and Slope Positions" always produces a raster that QGIS loads and interprets as geographically projected (e.g. WGS 84).

I've tried setting my project to the projected CRS prior to running any processes but it seems that rasters produced in SAGA need to have their projections manually set in order to be loaded properly by QGIS. I find this particularly strange since SAGA operations typically call for projected rasters to begin with, so loading SAGA-produced rasters as geographically projected seems counterintuitive.

Am I missing an option that should be set within QGIS to enable the creation of a CRS-defining file or do SAGA-produced rasters need to always have their CRS's changed manually?


In Settings -> Options -> CRS tab -> CRS for new layers, you might have the default of EPSG:4326 checked.

I suggest to change that to Prompt for CRS, or to the CRS you are usually working in.

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