Pro::PHP Webcast meets Microsoft

Marcus Whitney handled another podcast very coolly last Friday with MicrosoftBrian Goldfarb and Joe Stagner, covering their cross training strategy – – and what they’re doing to smooth rough edges with PHP on Windows, as well as coining a new term: “coopetition” (but let’s just hope it doesn’t enter the Web 2.0 dictionary)

There’s one particularly surprising and insightful remark in there by Brian (if I remember right) to the effect of PHP developers being much more interested in technological “what if?” questions and getting stuff done vs. spending time on language politics, in his view. The thinking and research implied by that remark suggests a really good understanding of PHP. Taking a step back, it’s funny how much things have changed from even two years ago, of PHP being pretty much grass roots and Microsoft being “the enemy” to some level of mutual understanding. In a way this relates to something Marco Tabini said a while back;

PHP software is being commodified

Anyway – thanks to Joe for the compliment, although you kinda managed to avoid the question ;)


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