Problem with automatic line break in math mode

I've got a special problem with writing in math mode. In general there is absolutely no problem with, e.g., writing something like


will produce the required line break, whereas something like

The subset $\Xi\subseteq C^{1,\alpha\times C^{0,\alpha}$ is closed with respect to the $C^{1,\beta}\times C^{0,\beta}$-Topology 

will write the part C^{0,\beta}$-Topology of the text over the end of the line. Here it's important, that this part stands close to the end of a line. In addition, I have to mention, that an \mbox{} command will occur writing further along the end of the line.

So is there someone who knows that problem, respectively how to solve it? It's important because a manual line break yields a white space at the end of the line and this is strongly undesired.


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