Problem with complex numbers C||RLC

I have a mathematical problem with the following formula. The goal is to transform this equation to have a seperated real and imaginary part. I have already done this with several other equasions, but for this particualar one I don't know where to start.

I dont expect you to do the complete work of transforming for me, it would already be very nice if you could give me a hind on how you would start.

Thank you in advance!


Problem with complex numbers C||RLC

This is my current progress:

Problem with complex numbers C||RLC

My question is:

How can I get rid of the imaginary part jωC2*R?

When the denominator is completely real I can just split up the formula and have an imaginary and a real part.


At first, I would multiply the numerator N(jw) and the denominator D(jw) with jwC2. As a next step you can rewrite the denominator to get the form D(jw)=R(D)+jIm(D). Use also the identity 1/j=-j.

Because it is your goal to have a denominator that is pure real you can multiply N(jw) as well as D(jw) with the conjugate-complex expression [R(D)-jIm(D)]. Now - because the denominator is real - you can identify the real as well as imag. part of the numerator N(jw). As a last step, both parts must be devided by the real denominator.

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