problem with cross reference an equation using cleveref

I want to refer to an equation through my document, so I thought it is beter to use cleveref package, the problem is when I refer to an equation it refer to the section where the equation is.

I work on my thesis so it would be very helpful to use cleveref instead of the regular \ref command.

here, a small example.

\documentclass[a4paper, 14pt,]{extreport} \usepackage{color, xcolor} \usepackage{amsmath} \usepackage{breqn} \usepackage{varioref} \usepackage{hyperref} \hypersetup{colorlinks=true, citecolor=red, linkcolor=blue, urlcolor=magenta, breaklinks} \usepackage{cleveref} \crefname{equation}{equation}{equations} \newcommand{\p}{\partial} \newcommand{\beqa}{\begin{eqnarray}} \newcommand{\eeqa}{\end{eqnarray}}  \begin{document} \chapter{Mathematical Modelling}\label{ch:math}  \section{Reynolds equation}\label{sec:Reynolds}  The well known Reynolds equation in dimensional form is given below: \beqa \label{eq:rey_car} \frac{\p}{\p x}\left(h^3 \frac{\p p}{\p x}\right) + \frac{\p}{\p y}\left(h^3 \frac{\p p}{\p y}\right) = 6\mu U \frac{\p h}{\p x} +12 \mu \frac{\p h}{\p t} \eeqa transform ~\cref{eq:rey_car} to polar coordinate by using the following relations: $$\theta = x R ~~ , ~~ z = \frac{L}{2} y $$ \beqa\label{eq:rey_polar} \frac{\p}{\p \theta}\left(h^3 \frac{\p p}{\p \theta}\right) + \left(\frac{D {L}\right)^2 \frac{\p}{\p z} \left(h^3 \frac{\p p}{\p z}\right) = 6 \mu U R \frac{\p h}{\p \theta} + 12 \mu R \frac{\p h}{\p t} \eeqa now, to get the dimensionless form of \vref{eq:rey_polar} \end{document} 

this is the output

problem with cross reference an equation using cleveref


You have discovered one of the many reasons eqnarray should be avoided.

  1. Never use eqnarray (see eqnarray vs align)
  2. Never use $$ (see Why is \[ ... \] preferable to $$ ... $$?)
  3. Never have two consecutive displays
  4. For single equations, use equation

In order to comply with 2 and 3 in your case, use gather.

\documentclass[a4paper, 14pt]{extreport}
\usepackage{color, xcolor}



\chapter{Mathematical Modelling}\label{ch:math}

\section{Reynolds equation}\label{sec:Reynolds}

The well known Reynolds equation in dimensional form is given below:
  \frac{\p}{\p x}\left(h^3 \frac{\p p}{\p x}\right) +
  \frac{\p}{\p y}\left(h^3 \frac{\p p}{\p y}\right) =
  6\mu U \frac{\p h}{\p x} +12 \mu \frac{\p h}{\p t}
transform~\cref{eq:rey_car} to polar coordinate by using the following relations:
  \theta = x R, \quad z = \frac{L}{2} y \nonumber \\
  \frac{\p}{\p \theta}\left(h^3 \frac{\p p}{\p \theta}\right) +
  \left(\frac{D}{L}\right)^2 \frac{\p}{\p z} \left(h^3 \frac{\p p}{\p z}\right) =
  6 \mu U R \frac{\p h}{\p \theta} + 12 \mu R \frac{\p h}{\p t}
Now, to get the dimensionless form of \vref{eq:rey_polar}

problem with cross reference an equation using cleveref

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