Problems with dual boot Windows10 and Ubuntu 16.04: GRUB doesn't show up

I have an HP Zbook with windows 10 preinstalled. I have succesfully installed Ubuntu 16.04 in it, but when booting the computer, no GRUB menu shows up and it boots directly to Windows. I have disabled the Fast Startup option and tried aeveryhting I was able to make it work, but with no success. I am able to boot ubuntu by entering teh boot menu at startup. I copy here the results of efibootmgr and update-grub so that you can make yourselves an idea of which are my booting options and where are they.

the interface is in spanish but I guess the information is clear enough Problems with dual boot Windows10 and Ubuntu 16.04: GRUB doesn't show up

Does anyone know how can I have GRUB to select dual boot?

Thanks in advance,


PS: I have had a look to similar questions here but couldn't identify any answer that suits to my specific problem


I have 3 answers(solutions):

1) Try to "brute force" it with boot-repair. Go in ubuntu and run commands, and choose recommend repair. And hope it helps.

2) If it does not work, you could manually replace EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi file with grubx64.efi file (take a little tour into esp partition and look for .efi files in grub folder or something. If grubx64.efi doesn't work, try other .efi files). WARNING: backup bootmgfw.efi first, because without it you cannot boot in windows (without windows recovery usb).

Why will this work? UEFI firmware is (in your case) set to boot bootmgfw.efi file, so if you replace if with grub.efi, it will boot Grub (its a mind trick). Note: I didn't try this with Grub, but I did with rEFind. It is also possible that Grub doesn't work, so it currently over jumps grub into Windows.

3.) Try rEFind.

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