Proposed New Top Level Domains

While this is slightly off of the open source topic, I felt this was a newsworthy issue to cover in Open Sourcery. ICANN released information on March 19 on ten new proposed top level domains (TLDs) to be added to the registry by sponsoring applicants. These domains include .asia, .travel and .xxx (you can guess what that is for).

There is an open comment period throughout the month of April for the public to voice input, and then an independent committee will begin review and discussions in May.

An important distinction to note is on how this process works. These new TLDs here are sponsored. According to the ICANN release, unsponsored domains operate under the policies of the global Internet community as set through the ICANN process.

Sponsored domains are specialized TLDs that have a sponsor representing the narrower community that is most affected by the TLD. The sponsor thus carries out delegated policy-formulation responsibilities over many matters concerning the TLD.

Complete information is available at ICANN –> New Proposed TLDs


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