Python Treap implementation [on hold]

I know there are probably many problems with this (since I haven't tested it yet), but I'd appreciate any advice (stylistic hints as well).

from functools import total_ordering import random  def treapnode(key,priority,prnt,lchild,rchild):     return {'key':key,'priority':priority,'prnt':prnt,'lchild':lchild,'rchild':rchild}  # greater than any priority (never lt) @total_ordering class End(object):     def __lt__(self,other):         return 0  def rotateleft(root,rchild):      root['rchild'] = rchild['lchild']     rchild['lchild'] = root      #fix parent relationships     if root == root['prnt']['lchild']:         root['prnt']['lchild'] = rchild     else:         root['prnt']['rchild'] = rchild      rchild['prnt'] = root['prnt']     root['prnt'] = rchild     root['rchild']['prnt'] = root  def rotateright(root,lchild):     root['lchild'] = lchild['rchild']     lchild['rchild'] = root      if root == root['prnt']['lchild']:         root['prnt']['lchild'] = lchild     else:         root['prnt']['rchild'] = lchild      lchild['prnt'] = root['prnt']     root['lchild']['prnt'] = root     root['prnt'] = lchild      def bubble_down(node):     while node['lchild'] or node['rchild']:         if node['lchild'] and node['rchild'] and node['rchild']['priority'] < node['lchild']['priority']:             if node['rchild']['priority'] < node['priority']:                 rotateleft(node, node['rchild'])         if node['lchild'] and node['lchild']['priority'] < node['priority']:             rotateright(node,node['lchild'])         else:             break  def bubble_up(node):     while node['prnt']:         if node['priority'] < node['prnt']['priority']:             if node == node['prnt']['rchild']:                 rotateleft(node['prnt'], node)             else:                 rotateright(node['prnt'],node)         else:             break  def insert(root,key):     # invariant: root != None     while root['rchild'] or root['lchild']:         if root['key'] <= key and root['rchild']:             root = root['rchild']         elif root['key'] > key and root['lchild']:             root = root['lchild']         else:             break      newnode = treapnode(key, random.uniform(0,1), None, None,None)     if root['key'] <= key:         root['rchild'] = newnode     else:         root['lchild'] = newnode      return newnode  def delete(node):     def reassignprnt(nodeschild):         if node == node['prnt']['lchild']:             node['prnt']['lchild'] = nodeschild         else:             node['prnt']['rchild'] = nodeschild      if node['lchild'] or node['rchild']:         if not node['lchild']:             reassignprnt(node['rchild'])         elif not node['rchild']:             reassignprnt(node['lchild'])         else:             node['value'] = End()             bubble_down(node)     else:         reassignprnt(None) 


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