Qgis Web client using EPSG: 29194 in SAD 69 UTM zone 24

I have a project in which Qgis configured as EPSG: 29194 in SAD 69 UTM zone 24. When I use Qgis Web client to open the project everything works correctly but the initial screen opens in the Norwegian Sea. I would like the default opening was in Brazil. Configuring Qgis Web client for EPSG: 29194 in SAD 69 UTM zone 24 and set the standard opening in Brazil? in globaloptions.js, I changed the line var authid = "EPSG:" + 3857; for authid var = "EPSG:" + 29194; and it did not work.


Category: qgis web client Time: 2016-07-28 Views: 0

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