Query Advanced Custom Field Taxanomy

We have an ACF set in WordPress which latches on to the category section:

Query Advanced Custom Field Taxanomy

This then becomes an option in the WooCommerce category section:

Query Advanced Custom Field Taxanomy

What I am trying to do is query the WooCommerce categories and specifically show only those that has the box ticked for the field name include_category_download. then with that add the url from the PDF that was uploaded from pdf_Upload

My query looks like the following:

    $prod_cat_args = array(         'taxonomy'     => 'product_cat',          'orderby'      => 'name',         'empty'        => 0         );            $terms = get_categories( $prod_cat_args );         foreach ( $terms as $term ) {         $term_link = get_term_link( $term );         echo '<a href="uploads/"><div class="acf-bg-new">' . $term->name . '</div></a>';         } 


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