Quick note on Blackstone

If you read any other CF blogs then this is old news to you, but for those of you who depend on this blog for news and information you’ll want to start watching this blog.

The above link will guide you to the blog for Tim Buntel. This is the Macromedia Product Manager for the next ColdFusion version aka Blackstone. You won’t find you typical news and CF talk here. He’s started the blog for one reason and one reason only, Blackstone.

As Tim says “I won’t waste your time with a lot of general ColdFusion information here (there are lots of other excellent CF blogs for that). What I’d like to do is offer an insider’s view into CF – particularly the development and evolution of the next major release of ColdFusion, code-named Blackstone. Lots of people ask me how the product comes to be – how features are selected, who’s who on the team, what exciting things may be on the horizon.”

So fire up your RSS readers or add it to your daily web visits.


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