Quick photo selector with effective hotkeys

is there any really quick photo selector for linux? I mean a program, in which pressing a single key does have an effect on the picture. The most frequent is rotate left AND save, rotate right AND save ( rotate 180 deg AND save), and delete. I want to have a program in which for example, by pressing button "r" the picture is immediately turned right and saved without any question like "Do you really want to rotate this picture?", "Have you ever experienced rotation in your life? If yes, is it sure that you were not under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs?" "Have you deeply and clearly understood what save means?" and so on. I don't want to have too high demands, but I would be really grateful, if, for example, after deletion the next picture would pop up. My basic demand is that I don't want to touch the mouse for a single time during selection. So I want a user unfriendly but useful stuff.



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