(rant) Bookstores . . .

. . . I just went to two MAJOR bookstores here in the Atlanta Suburb areas. Both of them had ColdFusion books, and both of them had them files under Internet Servers.

Yes I understand that ColdFusion is a Server & a programming language but they are grouping it with things like Apache, Dreamweaver, IIS etc. Not only that but the choices for CF books is slim to none right now and why is it that it always takes CF writers longer to publish a book when there are upgrades etc to frameworks, software etc.

We are into Fusebox 4 now and I can only find one book out there on the subject. Forget finding any books on Internet frameworks in general, they don’t exists.

It seems like to me that CF programmers are inundated with school, lectures and classes, while ASP / PHP etc developers get books galore to become self taught on subjects etc.

Am i the only one who realizes this? Am i missing something?

I guess it’s off to the major online retailers to satisfy my learning needs.


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