Raspbian + chromium + html5 video randomly stop loop play

Good day!

I try make raspbian kiosk system with html5 browser (with kiosk mode). Browser handle all elements (image, html, gif, etc...), but I have a problem with videos.

I using this html source:

<video autoplay loop muted>   <source src="2/5.mp4" /> </video> 

I tried with mp4, webm. I tried with local files and nginx httpd server too.

It's start, play video, many time, but not forever. Sometimes stop playing. I can seek video with controlls, but can't start again with play button.

I tried latest debian chromium and early version too.

Somebody can help me? It's a bug in chromium?

Thank you!


Category: debian Time: 2016-07-29 Views: 1

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